to make sense of nonsense is nonsensical

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So I haven't blogged in a while. My 5 faithful followers have ceased to be faithful because of my lack of blogging and now I roam the blogosphere, alone. Alone, alone. All alone. But I guess it's not a bad place to be considering I can have run on sentences and make sentences that are weird such as: When is the extravaganza at the sea port with the gnomes and chickens? Henry is nonsensical and his skin is incandescent and the monsters under his bed like the smell of the fungus cream he applies to his feet every night at 9:22pm.


But I guess the point of blogging is to have my words hit the eyes and minds of my reader. So I will cease to talk about
toe jam and gnomes and will eventually write something with a few good sentences in there.

Just not today.

Nope. Not today.