Life is not a circle.

Have you ever been afraid of getting what you want? Or apprehensive of going after your dream? Your afraid of what might happen when you get it. Maybe when you reach your goal it's not all it's cracked up to be. It seems to me that sometimes our mind tries to make things better than what they really are. We say that life would be great if we had this and that. But when we get what we wanted something ends. The race has been won and the goal is accomplished. What's left? To enjoy the spoils of our victory? To dream up something new? Maybe. Or maybe as long as we're here on earth nothing will ever be good enough. And I think internally in the deepest corners of our being we know that. Even those that don't believe in God, Angels with wings, and streets of paved gold.

We are meant, we are built, we are designed for better. We are made to live eternally. So we always wonder what's next. But down here where there's gravity we discover that there is really no such thing as 'the circle of life'. Our planet may be round but our lives here are a straight line. And this line is not perpetual it ends and so do we. But those of us who believe in something more we have something many don't have. Hope. And a comfort that our lives of goals and dreams are not in vain. All we accomplish here will mean nothing. But it gives us something to do while we wait for the Man we are running the race for. So keep perspective and keep talking to the Man. He listens. And once you achieve everything you want to achieve you will stop and ask, "what's next?" And God will smile. Because there is so much more.


A void to avoid.

Social Void

It's funny how a void means that something is missing, empty, or not occupied. For example, I have a void in my heart because my husband's off in war. Or...I have a void in my heart because my father was never around. I have a void in my stomach because I haven't eaten. I have a void in my life because I don't believe in anything. A void. Avoid. When there is a void we try to avoid it by filling it with something else. Sometimes we try to fill the void with good things and sometimes we fill it with bad. It's interesting to me how the words are so closely related. Just a thought that was bouncing around in my brain.

Short Sweet...Beep Beep.

the alchemist

As I sit here on my kitchen table trying to avoid the inevitable fact that I must study atoms and molecular bonding, I ponder on the thought of posting another recommendation. And so here is my recommendation, The Alchemist. Read it, dig it and think on it. It's a great book and a short one. It's filled with truth and wonder. What more can you ask for in a book? Alas, now I must study and avoid reading, The Kite Runner. Which is right in front of me and very compelling. Maybe it'll be my next recommendation. Peace.