my teeth are showing.

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God, I'm happy today.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with Relient K.
It's hard to feel bad for a man's breakup when it produces such great music.

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The sun is shining in Florida. And although I miss the coolness of Tenn. and the visible changing of the seasons there is something to be said of having the sun shining all day, everyday.

My mom is dusting off her fall decorations and it makes my heart exceedingly glad to see new wreaths grace the doors of my house.

There are countless other reasons why there is a smile plastered on my face but I won't try to analyze why. I'll just feel it through.

God, I'm happy today.


Rembrandt knew a good thing.

I don't have time to write because I have to get ready to take care of twelve 4yr old brats, their really cute brats however, and I love them desperately. Anyway, my fingers were itching to write something so I had to give in to the urge.
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When I saw this painting my heart started beating faster and I felt tears pricking my eyes and I know it's insane but I even felt an urge to utter a profanity. How could this painting evoke so many different physical and emotional reactions in me? This painting was Rembrandts take on the Biblical story of the prodigal son. And when I saw it I felt the son's dirty feet and bald head, I felt his shame. And then suddenly I felt the father's embrace and I was overtaken by his simple, grateful acceptance.

Rembrandt conveyed the moment between father and son, between us and the Father beautifully.

I won't get into the jealous brother who looks particulary evil in the background, that's for another time. :]