Just grab it.

I'm reading this book called, The Screwtape Letters. If you haven't read it, you need to get on that. The book basically shows us all the ways in which we are tempted. Which is alot. I mean we are constantly bombarded. And at first when I read this I was like, man can't just God put a shield around us so that we're never tempted? I mean that'd be pretty sweet. But then I thought well then I guess the whole free will thing wouldn't be that much use, would it? We live on the Devil's domain but he has to play by God's rules. So I'm comforted by the fact that God is never going to let something happen to me that I cannot handle. I think that God allows us to be tempted because He wants us to know that with Him we can overcome anything. I think God allows us to be tempted because He's a jealous God. He wants us to state loudly and proudly that the only place I want to go is Heaven. The reason I want to go, because I want to be with my Maker. I'm not a Theology Major, I'm don't know everything about the Bible. I'm not the most eloquent writer. So I apologize if this isn't clear but I hope when you read this you get what I'm saying. And just in case you don't I'll say it plainly. God loves you. He wants you to want Him. He wants you to know who you belong with. He's reaching out to you wherever you're at. So just grab His hand. That's it. Take a hold of it. I promise, you will not regret it.

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