A void to avoid.

Social Void

It's funny how a void means that something is missing, empty, or not occupied. For example, I have a void in my heart because my husband's off in war. Or...I have a void in my heart because my father was never around. I have a void in my stomach because I haven't eaten. I have a void in my life because I don't believe in anything. A void. Avoid. When there is a void we try to avoid it by filling it with something else. Sometimes we try to fill the void with good things and sometimes we fill it with bad. It's interesting to me how the words are so closely related. Just a thought that was bouncing around in my brain.


Anonymous said...

ummm....maybe this one was a little too deep.


Dely said...

Lol!! I know when I was done writing it I thought that no one would get it. I myself don't fully understand it. But it was something I was pondering and alas, my fingers sometimes have a will of their own. So I wrote it not fully understanding but yet, understanding. Dig it? :]

Anonymous said...