A little ditty. It's not so witty. :]

So long, it happened so long ago
So sad, so sad was she when she heard the news
So glad, so glad was he right before he went to sleep
She walked on cracked pavement
He floated on streets of gold
Brackets on her face showed her troubles
Lines on his face gave way to his hope

Two people so alike
A million people so alike
How many does it take to change the world?
The world is spinning like the wheels of a bike
Round and round and then stop.

Two sides, black and white
Silver is a lining we can sometimes reach
But parables and stories are hard to teach
So day after day we go on and fight

Against love that is shown
Against forces from a throne
Until we are left bloodied and marred from our own fists
Skin and bones, with nothing real that convicts.

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Anonymous said...

sa-weet... you and your ditty rock my world:O) lol