Sometimes stars twinkle and fall on our face and cloud our vision and we mistake it for dust.
Sometimes someone extends their hand to help us up and we automatically think they want to push us down.
Sometimes the hurtful comment from an enemy seem better than the kind advice from a friend.
Sometimes the alluring kiss of a lover seems more comforting than the loving handshake from a man.
Sometimes the words from our parents seem ancient and annoying compared to the enticing words from "friends".
Sometimes a party doesn't seem like a party without any alcohol.
Sometimes we feel like we aren't interesting enough so we invent and drink and cajole to mask insecurities.
Sometimes the only real we know is fake.
Sometimes words that are true seem like ashes on our lips compared to the honeyed nectar of lies.
Sometimes you want to feel sexier so you lower your blouse and bat your lashes instead of smiling with your eyes.
Sometimes we laugh to cover a cry.
Sometimes we dance to cover our lameness.
Sometimes we fix our outside and let the inside rot.
Sometimes we fall in love instead of walking into it with our eyes open.
Sometimes we ignore a gentle knock but open the door to evil banging.

The Deceiver walks among us. He roams like a lion looking for it's prey. Don't open the gates or the flood will rush in.


Anonymous said...

AMEN... AMEN... AMEN... couldn't of said it better myself. Very wise advice my dear friend...... very true. Its sad when we don't want to face ourselves when we realize what others are saying is true.. what a hard pill to swallow sometimes.I know alot of theese things are issues I struggle with. Im glad God is so merciful :O) love u.

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Spring said...

Awesomely said. Something to contemplate on there.