Things that you don't want to happen do...Because of you.


I felt the hole. It was deep and stretched miles. I felt the distance that yawned, I saw it and knew I could never make it. The thing is all of this could have been prevented. I didn't have to stand on one side of a canyon looking longingly at the other side. I dug this crater myself. I dug it with my laziness, my excuses, my wayward wants, my ignorance, my addictions and with my lack of communication. I formed it and strengthened it with my bare hands. Now I couldn't destroy what I had so carefully built. Little did I know that what I had created would turn into Frankenstein. Only one other pair of hands could bring this monster down. The question is would I throw away my laziness, give up my excuses, hand over my wayward wants, acknowledge my ignorance, face my addictions and pick up a phone? Time will tell.

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