incoherent to you . . . coherent to me.

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Sometimes you have to let go.

I formed this idea in my head and I've held on to it for so long that I almost feel that if I release it I'll have nothing left.
I will be left bereft and I will no longer have that part of my life anymore. Sorry if this sounds cryptic but I don't want to share what I have to let go of.

Sometimes we build castles in the air. And although Thoreau says we must put foundations under them what if what you thought was a castle is actually a mud hut?? And so building the foundation for a castle is useless because . . . well because it just is.

So here, right now I cast off this idea, this thought and I will let it roam off into space and I will allow time to envelop it so it can never be found again. It's long overdue.

This doesn't make sense to you does it? Sorry, but not really 'cause it's my blog. :]

I hope everyone is having a good Wednesday. I'm pretty sure I am...


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lynette said...

Wait, did you say the thought or not? lol I don't think you did...

Love you! It's been fun hanging with you!!