Rolling bagels

I was really bothered today. I think it started when I missed breakfast this morning because I hit snooze too many times. And then it got worse when as I was walking to my dorm room my bagel (the only thing I was able to get), fell off of my plate and started rolling down the ramp. I had to run after it and was so upset yet wildly amused I didn't care about all the germs that latched on to it, I toasted my bagel and ate it. And it was good.

Then I had to study all day. I had a test today, I have one tomorrow which I haven't even studied for, and a test on Friday which I know is going to be a killer.

And my computer charger doesn't work. Argh...

I've been bothered all day.

My friend said a stupid comment and I got annoyed. I know she didn't mean it but still, it was annoying.

I've been bothered all day.

I've been a brat all day.

"Rejoice in this day, the day the Lord has made."

I will forget my past so called "grievances" and I will rejoice in what God has given me.

Today. Right now. This moment.

God is good.

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Anonymous said...

Lol, Dely, sorry I haven't checked up on your blog lately, no time:O(
but, I think I know who that friend was, ooo that girl! I hope your week got better! love you