my teeth are showing.

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God, I'm happy today.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with Relient K.
It's hard to feel bad for a man's breakup when it produces such great music.

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The sun is shining in Florida. And although I miss the coolness of Tenn. and the visible changing of the seasons there is something to be said of having the sun shining all day, everyday.

My mom is dusting off her fall decorations and it makes my heart exceedingly glad to see new wreaths grace the doors of my house.

There are countless other reasons why there is a smile plastered on my face but I won't try to analyze why. I'll just feel it through.

God, I'm happy today.


Hannah said...

Dely! I'm glad your teeth are showing :) I miss you so much and I hope you continue to let God's love fill your heart and soul. The sun shines here every day too, and even though it's quite lovely, I miss fall VERY much. Love ya.

lynette said...

:) loved this.
and I love how you said it's hard to feel bad about a man's break up when it created such good music :P too funny... love you and miss you!!

Anonymous said...

I feel your smile thru the miles of loneliness that I have one your not next to me. The fall brings thoughts of cowboys and waterfalls and family.

I love you mama

Your Dad

theInsideChange said...

Dely!!! I'm glad your teeth are showing too! I miss you so much! Keep show'n them teeth and I'll show mine when I get to see you!! Hopefully soon!!! Happy fall amiga!