Rembrandt knew a good thing.

I don't have time to write because I have to get ready to take care of twelve 4yr old brats, their really cute brats however, and I love them desperately. Anyway, my fingers were itching to write something so I had to give in to the urge.
Prodigal Son Pictures, Images and Photos

When I saw this painting my heart started beating faster and I felt tears pricking my eyes and I know it's insane but I even felt an urge to utter a profanity. How could this painting evoke so many different physical and emotional reactions in me? This painting was Rembrandts take on the Biblical story of the prodigal son. And when I saw it I felt the son's dirty feet and bald head, I felt his shame. And then suddenly I felt the father's embrace and I was overtaken by his simple, grateful acceptance.

Rembrandt conveyed the moment between father and son, between us and the Father beautifully.

I won't get into the jealous brother who looks particulary evil in the background, that's for another time. :]

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