Alien part 7

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Today as I was walking I came upon the ocean. It's beauty was breathtaking. I found myself laughing, I found myself to be happy. It seemed the joy inside me could not be contained. My body tingled. I took off my sandles and submerged my toes in the sand. The grain was warm and it tickled my feet. I stood beside the ocean and I felt my eyes open wide trying to take as much of it in as I could. The wind whipped at my hair and I knew it was going to be tangled but I didn't care. I didn't care about anything while I stood there. It was wonderful. No thoughts filled my mind, no worries, no questions, how lovely it is to not have questions, nothing filled my mind. And it was absolutely lovely to have only beauty invade my thoughts. I couldn't think because I was preoccupied with my awe.

It seems that our Father wants us sometimes to not think but to only enjoy the beauty that He has created for us. I think He wants us to stop thinking so much and to just let His love for us fill, engulf, comfort, caress, and bring joy to us. He wants us to stumble before Him because we cannot believe He loved us so much, He filled the Earth with so much beauty. He wants us to cease our questions, just for a bit, so we can hear Him whisper that He created the ocean just for us. Just for me. This great big body of dangerous, powerful, beautiful water was made just for my enjoyment. Wow!

My God is great. My God is good.

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Lynette said...

that's comforting.
it's hard to not think, and sad that it's so hard.