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I was on a bike ride Sabbath afternoon. I had just been to the lawn concert and it's been such a wonderful Sabbath. And to top it off the sky was gorgeous. It was incredibly blue, there was a breeze and the clouds were so light it seemed like God was puffing out smoke from His cigar. Throughout the week I get so caught up in nothing. Ropes strangle me and tie me down. Ropes disguised as my academic career, exercising, keeping in touch with loved ones, boys or the lack thereof, cleaning my room, bathing, deciding what to wear... the list is endless. None of these things are bad. I'm not saying they are but they do strangle me and can be barriers to my ultimate purpose. Walking with God.

See, the devil is smart. He tries to keep me so preoccupied with good things that I won't have time for the best thing. I'm constantly being cheated. And to relax you think I sit and pray. I wish. I pull out a book or take a nap. My thoughts throughout the day are filled with classes, grades, conversations, but they are not filled with what they long to be filled with. No wonder when Sabbath comes my body heaves a sigh and my mind almost cries with joy. No longer is my state of mind confusion or busyness. My mind wraps around God and the rest He provided. He knew that we would need Sabbath.

I don't think that when we get to Heaven we will stop working. I think we'll be busy. But our thoughts will center around Rest. He is our eternal Rest. Even though we are running the race it is Enoch who went to Heaven because He walked with God. Let us take our time with God. In the midst of our weekdays, in the middle of our classes, while thinking of that certain someone, while writing that retarded paper, keep in mind that we should be ultimately preoccupied with God. Let our minds contemplate on the best thing. Not just on Sabbath when the sky is blue and you think of God smoking a cigar. But every second, of every minute, of every day.


lynette said...

I love this post! :)

Love you mucho

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness. this is so true. thank you. I needed that.


Anonymous said...

You are a lovely person, and I thank God everyday that your mine!!!!!