A child birthed out of boredom.

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I wanted to ride my bicycle today. I wanted to ride it with someone. But everyone was busy.
I felt like having a buddy but there was no buddy to be had.
So here I sit. And here I write. My fingertips hitting the keys and now time has gone by.

I wore black sneakers today and they made my feet smell.
But a shower I'm not allowed because Michelle is in there cleaning. Hence forth, I can't go in.
So my stockinged feet must the ground meet. And the stench will fill my carpet and will make others weep.

My thumb hurts. No. Don't worry it's not a wart. I think I have a splinter. Hey, I'm so excited it's winter!
My nose will be cold. But my hair will look nice. My feet will be frozen. But it's a very small price.
Because winter is lovely. Winter is good. Winter makes me wear a hood.

Maybe I'll put on a ski mask. Make it nice and tight. So I'll look like a criminal. But s'okay, I'm alright.
Michelle just called me. She's done cleaning. So off I go to take a shower and get pretty. Tonight it's vespers.
I know I'll be blessed. So I have to go now. . . get ready and dressed.

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lynette said...

This was awesome! :D
I love you