Alien part 2

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Today as I was walking I saw a girl crying. Her shirt was wet with the tears of her face. And although I wanted to keep walking I stopped and asked her what was wrong. Her eyes were pools of sadness. I saw my own reflection in them. I knelt down beside her and tried to comfort. I asked God for help and He gave it. She told me how she was worthless, how she did sinful things over and over. I laid my hand on her knee. And I looked at my hand and noticed the wrinkles. I saw how intricate my hand was. And before I looked at her I shared a secret smile with my Father. Because He had shown me how full of worth we are. I told her she was a princess. I told her she was the daughter of the King of the Universe. And I told her that over and over we sin. Sin. Sin. Sin. Sin. Ugly. Stupid. Nonsensical. Repetitive. We all do it. I told her a quote I remembered, "We carry the nails in our pockets." Her tears were still falling when I left, but softer now. I hope I helped.

It was night. The stars were beautiful, looking at them distracted me from the hard ground I was sleeping on. I was lonely tonight. I was happy. But I was lonely. Happy. But lonely. I remembered a story my grandfather would tell me when I was little. I remembered how Adam was lonely in the most beautiful place on earth but God gave him Eve. I shifted to my side and moved a stone that was botherng me. I remembered how God had taken the very rib of Adam to make Eve. And all at once my eyes teared. I was happy. But I was lonely. I told God how I have waited for Adam for a while now and he hasn't come. Silence. I told Him how I didn't want to travel by myself anymore. More silence. As tears streamed silently down my face I had the urge to march up to Heaven and take God by the shoulders. I wanted to shake Him. And make the Great I Am answer my question. I didn't. And He didn't tell me when my Adam was coming. I didn't think He would. But I remember feeling a tug on my heart. And then a push. And then my mind caught on to what was happening in my heart. Wait. That's what God told me. And I turned to my other side. Removed another rock from my back and slept. Peacefully.

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prityqban said...

awww delyann. this is some good writing. i can't wait for more! love you miss delyann. :)

love always,

Coto. haha :)