A four letter word.

My eyes are closing and my body is longing to be covered by the sheets of my bed. But my fingers are itching to write what my mind is contemplating. Why is loving people so hard? In the Bible it says to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Does this mean I don't love myself? I'm pretty sure I love myself. I'm not always proud of the things I do but I love myself. I love my family, my friends, I even love my dog. So why is it so hard for me to love other people. How could Jesus love strangers? It boggles my mind. I want to search the depths of my heart until I can come up with love for the woman sitting on the bench, or the man walking by. But all I can find is indifference. How can I love a stranger? God show me how. Your love is perfect I know that, mine is far from it. Teach me how to love. I don't know how. I have a sign in my room that I wrote with a green marker- Love people. Make them know they matter. Love people. Love people. I need to be reminded. Is that sad? I think so. But I console myself that I'm trying. That I am seeking advice from the greatest couselor in the whole universe. The One who is couseling me has written every book worth reading about love.

My God, show me how to love. I forget. I've forgotten. Remind me.

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6Source Studios said...


It's not to "Love" strangers or anyone or everyone as defined by a type of deep compassion or attachment via or in addition to emotion. One way to experience what I perceive your "goal" to be, is to appreciate that woman sitting on the bench. Be present within yourself (not projecting to expectations or planning the future or agreed upon future arrangements)---but be present within yourself, present within your moment, and open your eyes to see an appreciation for each individual to be who they are---your judgements (good or bad), expectations, guidelines, and truths aside, and see people for what they are: simply people, like you and me...

Take this however you wish, I simply share the idea of love (at least in one form) as appreciation. Maybe this could be a piece of your puzzle. :)