Random thoughts that twirled in my head before class.

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I like making people laugh. If I was funny enough I'd be a comedian. But alas, I'm not.
I guess I could say that my need to make people laugh stems from my parents divorce, wanting to be accepted and all that crap. But I don't think that's what it is. And I don't like using my parents divorce as an excuse or reason for every little personality trait I have. I think that's lame. Yeah, I know nature versus nurture. But God gave us free will. He lets us decide who we want to be and where we want to go. Circumstances might lead me to a certain destination but I can choose to not follow. Right? I think so. And since this is my blog I can write what I think.

So basically this extremely random blog is saying, I can be who I want. The past may be a part of me but I don't need to let it dictate me.

And although being a comedian would be nice, I would hate having to come up with so much new material all the time. I'm inventive but not THAT inventive.


prityqban said...

you're so right, i agree the past might point you in a certain direction but thanks to free will we can choose to follow that path or not.

andddd missy i think we could be a comedy duo! i also love making people laugh.. it's not due to divorce though, it's cause i want people to like me. hm.. sad. yet.. my jokes are sometimes more dumb than not dumb so it may lead to people not liking me. so i don't know how that works.

anyways i think we're both pretty funny people. lol.. at least you make me laugh! :)

love always,


michellefig said...

you go girl! and the whole comedian thing...you make me laugh......well...sometimes, j/k ;) but most importantly you make me smile.
thanks for making me smile dely :)


prityqban said...

oh i came back to see the photo! it's toooooo cute! i love it. it makes me happy actually. :)

Ana said...

This picture is so cute!

Jessica said...

Believe it or not you're funny in your own special way. You definitely make people laugh, with you're "unique" experiences, ie. falling in garbage cans, having gum-ball machines fall on you, etc,etc,etc. We love you just the way you are.