A Slug and the Best Cake Ever


I was thinking about marriage today. I was thinking why in the world do I want it so bad? Why in the world does everyone want it so bad? And thanks to the book, Searching for God knows what, I figured part of it out. The book was saying how we all need affirmation and love. And people do all sorts of crazy things to find it. Whether it be sex, drugs, alcohol, education, anything and everything can be used to fill the void. A void that is there because of our separation from God. Think about it. Why do we care so much about, how we look, how we do in school, whether we're likable, and a million other things. We seek love, we seek affirmation from the people around us.

When we are separated from God we look for counterfeit things to fill it. It's like a diamond necklace that has paste instead of diamonds. In a dark room it might fool some people but in the bright light it will never fool anyone. People think that if we have good parents that they can fill our love and acceptance quota. But they can't. Why else do we seek other ways of acceptance. Our parents are sinners, our friends are sinners, our significant others are sinners, we are sinners. We cannot be relieved from a tainted love. The only way we can ever breathe, true breaths, is by receiving the pure love of God. And some of us don't even accept what God has to offer.

My heart aches for those that don't know the only real love there is. Because everything else is a counterfeit. Yeah, it might feel real for a little bit but through time it will fade and show it's true colors. Now I'm not saying that our families and friends and so on don't really love us, because they do. But we will become disillusioned with their love. Their love can never satisfy. You know how leaves die when they aren't connected to their life source. They turn this really ugly ashy brown and shrivel up and die. Well thats what happens to us when we aren't connected to our Father.

One of the reasons I think people get married is because it is a nonverbal expression of acceptance, of love. It's like, this guy loved me so much he was willing to be with me the rest of his life. They picked my company over all the rest. They thought I was the best. But when we have God finding that type of love and acceptance is just the icing on an already awesome cake.

I don't know who will read this but I just want to let you know that God loves you. He thinks your the best. If their was a team and you were the captain He would want to be on your team. He would want to ask you to that banquet. He would want to sit beside you in class, call you at night and talk to you. He thinks your amazing and as proof He gave you a field of sunflowers. God loves you. If you were running a marathon He would be cheering for you. These are all lame scenarios but I don't know how else to get across that the Maker of the Universe, the Ruler of EVERYTHING wants and loves and needs you. Your special. Your loved. And your worth so much that Jesus became human. I haven't even gotten to the dying part yet. He came from a place so perfect to a place that is a dump compared to Heaven. He in essence became a slug. A slug? Yeah, a slug. Because A GOD, THE GOD came down and became this tiny, insignificant, ugly, human. Because compared to the glory of God we can't be that great looking, especially after what we have done to ourselves through sin.

We are worth a lot. Why? Because God deemed it necessary enough to send His Son to die on the cross for us. We are loved. Don't throw His love away on things that are counterfeit. Please. Enjoy the 100%, genuine, real deal, love that God is offering us.


lynette said...
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lynette said...

I think this is my favorite post so far, its the most real one and anyone who reads it will be able to tell how real it is to you. I especially loved your analogy about the leaves on a tree and us with our Father! you know how you're awesome at those analogies.. lol :)

well i love you!
love always

Anonymous said...

wow dely, I agree w/ lyny this is my favorite post! I think some people really need(ed) to read this, me included. You are so wise beyond your years, I wish I could think like you do. I agree with you on the whole, "filling the void" scenario. If this wasn't true, the world wouldn't be as sinful as it is. Everyone is searching for something, but some people fill their voids w/ good, while others choose evil.. I wonder if thoose that choose to fill the void with evil feel like that true love that you talk about (from God) even exist? thats why they choose negative because they see no other way? well either way, I love this blog! muah muah muah!

Dely said...
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Dely said...

I can't take credit for the analogy. I got it from Paradise Lost by Milton.