Comedy's and Tragedy's

Jump for Joy

It's so weird and sad and disheartening that everything is disappointing. Nothing is ever as good as you want it to be. People will break their promises. Your parents won't pick up your phone call when you have something really cool to tell them. Your friends can be fickle. Your heart can disappoint you because of where it wants to go. Your mind can frustrate you because it can't go where you want it to. Nature dies. Your pet's will sometimes bite you. Your always moving away from something. Your always missing something or someone. The government never has your back. Your brothers and sisters can be mean. Your grandparents can forget you. Sometimes you just can't find the music for that mood you're in. Sometimes the words in books won't describe things well enough. That movie that used to make you laugh has gotten old. Your boyfriend will never be romantic enough. Your girlfriend will forget to need you. Food can fill you but sometimes too much to the point where you can't move (America). There is never enough food (everywhere else). Your favorite sports team lost the big game but won the one that didn't matter. Religion can err when based on the opinions of men.

There is only one thing that doesn't disappoint. There is only one expectation that is met, that is exceeded. There is only one person that'll always listen. Only one person that will always fill but not stuff you. Only one thing that won't turn to dust when you hold it. Only one song that will meet all your moods. Only one book that makes you laugh, cry, jump for joy, consistently.

I choose the water that Jesus offers. The bread that He gives. I will read the book he asks me to read. It's the only thing that's constant. The only thing that's sure. The life of a Christian is a comedy not a tragedy. So live it that way. Forget the rest of the crap.


lynette said...

this is a nice post, i liked it a lot a lot

there are some grammatical errors sooo try and find them and fix 'em. :)

love always,

Anonymous said...

yes, unfortunately you are right. people will fail you, life will let you down. But, HE has not, does not, and will not fail you and I praise Him so much for that!