Something that popped into my head at 1 in the morning.


I walked into the palace it was enormous. There were pillars with the girth of ten men together and they were made of marble with the bases composed of pure emerald. The floor I was walking on shone like diamonds. Maybe it was. There were exotic animals in huge gilded cages. Tigers, elephants, and such. I walked onto a thick persian rug with an intricate design. It led to the throne of the king. Twenty soldiers on his left and twenty on his right just stood there with their swords ready, waiting for a hint of a threat to the king. The throne the king sat on was made of gold and rubies. His garments were the finest I have ever seen colors only a king could wear. But even if this man was in rags you would know he was someone important. He had sadness on his brow, as if he born with weight on his forehead. His eyes were the kindest things I had ever seen. They spoke of wonders and love. His hands I did not expect, his hands were calloused. As if he used his hands to do hard work regularly. I didn't expect him to rise from his throne but he rose and walked towards me. He extended his hand and grasped my forearm, pulled me to his chest and hugged me tightly. As soon as he let go I bowed on my knees and didn't raise my eyes to him. He pulled me up, "Look at me. You have nothing to fear." I got up and I looked into his eyes and my worries melted to the ground and seeped into the persian carpet beneath my feet, never to be found again. The soldier that had led me to the king grabbed my arm unkindly and shook me. "My king, she is sentenced to die. She has committed murder. She has stolen and lied. And done enough crimes for ten men. She is condemned to die."
The king looked at me, "what say you to this?"
"It is true my king. I cannot deny the claims."
"Are you sorry for this?"
"Yes my king." Fervently, for I truly was.
"Then you are free." The soldier was about to voice his objection but the king sent him a look and the soldier became silent.
"I will die in your stead." The great King said.


lynette said...

wow!! dely, seriously, this post was amazing!! i can feel myself walking into the palace and seeing the animals and the colors! i love it! and He's amazing!!

love always,
lynette :D

Anonymous said...

thank you dely... this was for me today. Love you more than words can express.