A king and a King.


I watched the movie David today. David from the Bible David. It's a pretty cool movie. I am just amazed by the way David royally screwed up so many times and God still called him a man after His own heart. I thank God for David, he gives me hope. It's also amazing how merciful David was. He exemplifies God's mercy beautifully.

There is a part in 2 Samuel I forget what chapter, where David's head army guy, Joab, tells David it seems that he loves his enemies and hates his friends. It was after Absoloam (sp?) was killed and they told David that the battle had been won but instead of being happy David mourned. He cried for his son.

And that just makes me think of God. The war has already been won but God must cry every day over each person that's lost in battle.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Dely, I never looked at what you spoke about in those last 2 paragraphs in that light before. It makes me terribly sad to think how much God must be hurting in anguish knowing that not all His children will be coming home.