Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Chattanooga trains

I hate making decisions. I hate when only one path seems available to you. What if I don't take that path? It's like being on a train. You should have been on that train but only so you could get closer to your destination. But the thing is that you don't want to get off at the stop the train's stopping at because then you'll be farther from where you want to be. So...you decide to jump off the train. But you're scared. And you don't know exactly where you need to jump off or what'll happen if you do. You just know that anything is better than staying on this train. Even though it has comfy seats, nice people, and good food. All of that doesn't matter to you anymore. The train has become stifling and it seems like you can't breath unless you get off. And nobody wants you to jump off. They want you to stay in the train, stay in a place that's known, comfortable. But you can't. You have to jump off.


lame scenario.


lynette said...

man thats a good analogy, i know you know this already. haha but its really good! anyways i say follow what you feel, cause that's what'll make you happy.

jump :) haha

...or stay on the train.

i love you

love always,

Anonymous said...

Like I said before, take a risk delyann susann. You wouldn't be in the position you are in today, if last year you hadn't jumped from the train you were on then, to where the one you're on know. So I say, its time to hop a new train, until next year, when who knows where you will be? just remember all that you have achieved and learned this year, and how much more is out there for you to know. Dont be put down any more by theese hypocrites.... te amo

Anonymous said...

p.s. sorry I didnt review my post before I posted it, its filled with gramatical errors I know. tsk, tsk, I think you get the jist though.. no?lol